Donal Fallon, Historical Walking tours Dublin

Donal at our starting point—the Grattan statue, on the College Green traffic island, opposite Trinity College front gate. Henry Grattan was MP for Dublin City, 1775-1800, in the old colonial parliament (now the Bank of Ireland) and, after its abolition by the Act of Union in 1800, an MP in Westminster.

Donal Fallon, a history graduate of UCD, has been working with Historical Walking Tours of Dublin since 2010. He is one of the founders of the award-winning blog on Dublin life and culture, ‘Come Here To Me’ (a selection from its archive has recently been published by New Island Books). His recently completed MA thesis on 1930s Dublin and youth criminality will be published shortly. He is a regular contributor to Irish media (print and radio) on Dublin’s history, society and popular culture.
He is also the presenter of the popular Three Castles Burning podcast

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